• Seun Agbeye

    Seun Agbeye

    I'm a software engineer who likes breaking stereotypes

  • Waranyogesh


  • Toyer Mamoojee

    Toyer Mamoojee

  • Lex 汤

    Lex 汤

    80 后 iOS 开发 | 二流前端开发 | 三流界面设计师 | 果粉 | 好爸爸

  • Daniel Abudu

    Daniel Abudu

    Still figuring out a lot of things in my life, like what exactly I'll use this "Medium" to do.

  • Kapoor Nima

    Kapoor Nima

  • ilya dv

    ilya dv

  • Jonathan Cardoso

    Jonathan Cardoso

    Full-Stack Developer and DevOps Specialist - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathancardoso

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